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    New LIM HAIR TANGLIM hair brush, is ideal for tangled hair or knots. It has been designed with 3 different bristle height of great flexibility. These bristles flex with knots, tangle or extensions. With flexion, the press over the hair diminishes avoiding yank, broken and hair loss, but at same time detangling. It is smooth during and if it touches scalp during brushing is not unpleasant. Thanks to special material used during its manufacture, during its use avoid hair frizzing. Its great versatility makes it ideal for fine or medium hair, curly or straight, with few or medium volume. It glides with wet and dry hair, during the shower, and even for applying products like keratin. Even you can combine its use with hairdryer ( do not expose directly the brush to air hot flow). For professionals is an essential tool that will recommend to their customers. At home, is indispensable for daily brushing and kids adore it because they know they are not going to suffer during detangling. Enjoy it ¡¡¡¡ ¡¡¡¡

    For tangled hair
    For knots
    Extended hair
    Fine or medium hair
    Curly or striaght
    3 bristles height

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